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  • on weekends
  • when I can
  • 3-8 hours a week
  • 8+ hours a week
Central NA
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  • Central NA
  • East NA
  • EU
  • Aussie/Kiwi
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Every strike team is part of an Army!

Every army is broken into smaller units.

It's better together

If your in a small guild and your friends aren't online or just stop playing, have a big discord to hang with is fun!

MMOs are about friends

Find a collective of like-minded adults, both intuitive and humorous!

Enjoy the journy

The journey is just as important as the destination (but we're gonna get to the destination too =).

The Academy

Participate in the Academy for theory crafting or life skills.

Programmers and Artists

We bring technology and art to the table that brings the gamers to the computer.

Content Creators

We like promoting our community's streaming and content creators. Get started here!

You won't get lost in the crowd here!

We will help you get plugged into a guild and a family that fits your personality and playstyle.


  • East NA
  • Central NA
  • West NA
  • EU
  • Aussie/Kiwi

How Often You Play:

  • Weekends
  • When I Can
  • 3-8 hours a week
  • 8+ hours a week


  • Ashes of Creation
  • Crowfall
  • Player Unknown: Battlegrounds
  • League of Legends
  • Guild Wars 2
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Ashes of Creation

Making MMO's Great Again

Join us on discord!

Guild Wars 2

Wait, the dragons have a storyline?

Join us on discord!

PUBG Players

Let's get some chicken dinners.

Join us on discord!

League of Legends

But we all play support!

Join us on discord!


Crows crow and caw so crowfuly.

Join us on discord!