Wish the forums were full page width? Does the dark background not do it for you? Do you want the ability to toggle signatures off and on? Check this Google Chrome Extension out!

  • Firefox and Chrome versions available!
  • Keep the colors the same on the forums and enjoy wider forums.
  • If you're a vampire, apply an optional light theme to the forums.
  • Optionally choose to turn off all signatures by default with the ability to still toggle them back on.
  • Press Ctrl + S to toggle signatures on and off for that page at any time.
  • Press Ctrl + R to enter a reading mode, removing the side column and extra spacing around topic posts. Press Ctrl + R to go back to regular mode.
  • Press Ctrl + B to enter blob mode. This is really only good for the 3 word story...
  • Press Ctrl + Q to disable the extension. You will have to reenable it through the options menu.

This mod is available as a Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension. None of your information is shared. The source code is linked below. The extension is only "on" when you visit the Ashes of Creations forum.

Installation Instructions

Setting Theme Options

After you download the extension, you're going to want to set theme options to get the most out of it.
See the gif below.

  1. Click on the install button below.
  2. Enter "chrome://extensions/" in the navigation bar on Chrome.
  3. Enter "about:addons" in the navigation bar in Firefox.
  4. Click on the options link under the extension.
  5. Select your theme options!
    • Set your theme style
      • Wider - This theme keeps most of the coloring and styles of the AOC forums. It just makes the page full width instead of fixed column size.
      • Light - This theme changes the forums to a light background versus a dark background.
    • Show Signatures on the Forum - If you unclick this, then forums will be off by default. On any page, you can press Ctrl+S and toggle them back on and off for that page only.
    • In read mode, hide the selected forums - When you press Ctrl+R, you enter reading mode. While you are viewing the top forum page, you can choose to turn off the listed forums in reading mode.

You can change your extension options at any time, and they will take effect when you refresh the page.

How to change Chrome Extension Options for the reading impaired:

Install Button:

If you're using Google Chrome, you can install the extension by simply click on this blue button:

Your browser has to be Google Chrome to use this.

I'm sorry! You have to use either Chrome or Firefox (cough, pick chrome) to use this extension.


Your Google Chrome extensions should update automatically. If you want to force an update, go to chrome://extensions/, click on the developer mode checkbox on the top right, and press the "Update extensions now" button.


To uninstall an extension, complete the following steps:

  1. Open up Google Chrome.
  2. Enter "chrome:://extensions/" in the search bar.
  3. Click the trash can next to the extension you want to remove.


Help improve the extension!

Want to make it even prettier? Want to make a cow-based theme @Moo? Fork the project on github:
AshesOfCreationForumExtension Source Code

I'd be happy to build your themes (with credit to you) into the extension! Email me to discuss. See the readme for my email.

I'm not Intrepid Studios

Ashes of Creation is a MMORPG produced by Intrepid Studio. This mod is not endorsed by Intrepid Studios.

Register for an account with Intrepid Studios here.

About Ashes of Creation

"Set on a fallen world untouched by civilization for thousands of years, our players will: Rebuild. Repopulate. Rediscover. Cities will rise and fall, their fates determined through force of will and power. This is something you’ve never experienced before - a completely unique world that never stops changing.

Ashes of Creation takes place within a medieval fantasy setting, blending imagination with cutting edge graphics. We intend to put the word Massive back into Massively Multiplayer, with unique and novel mechanics that will bring meaning to player action. Ashes of Creation will incorporate the best parts of traditional MMORPGs with innovative sandbox concepts.

Our players will choose their fate at every opportunity. Questlines will open and close based on the interactions of the players with their world, because this is a world where choice is consequential. Monsters will roam and grow in ferocity as civilization disrupts the natural order of things. From the location of towns to the size of cities, our players will determine the landscape of our worlds - each one unique in culture, ecology and economy. No two servers will experience Ashes of Creation in the same way!"