Core Values

These are the attitudes and behaviors we strive to imbue.

  1. Build trust. Be honest and open about your intentions. Don't scheme or manipulate. If you are concerned about something, approach it frankly. Resolve all doubts, no matter how small.

  2. Show courtesy. There is a difference between a disagreement and an offense. Don't be offensive and don't be offended. Even if a conversation becomes heated, it should not become personal.

  3. Act Responsibly. Members should speak up or notify leadership figures when they see something which would run afoul our core values or violations of our code of conduct. Never be afraid of stepping on someone's toes by raising your voice. Never try to sweep a problem under the rug or ignore it because it isn't "in your lane." Never avert your eyes to the truth, whether it means you have to confront yourself or someone else.

  4. Don’t gossip. Talking about someone behind their back fosters mistrust. If you have an issue with someone, you should address it with that person individually.

  1. Value unity. While a decision is being debated, advocate for your position, but also don't be afraid to compromise. When the decision has been made, become the biggest champion of the decision even if it was not yours.

  2. Value camaraderie. Connecting with people through meaningful interactions is the basis of life and business. Spend time with people. Celebrate other’s success as if it was your own.

  3. Have thick skin. The only way to avoid criticism is to say nothing, be nothing and do nothing. Likewise, only people who are doing things are going to make mistakes. It's ok to take risks and receive criticism. Learn from it and then let it roll off like water on a duck’s back.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct are the rules which all members who participate in the discord, websites, in game, or otherwise agree to be governed by.

  1. Practice Good Sportsmanship. Life is more enjoyable when you're pleasant. Griefing, cheating, excessively baiting & trolling, being disrespectful or insulting are all examples of dick moves. In game or out of game patterns of sexual harassment, stalking, or other things of that nature won't be tolerated.

Griefing is going out of your way to ruin someone's game play experience for the sheer purpose of irrating or angrying them without any reasonable in game benefit to yourself. You're just being a dick. There is a drive-by exception... You're running across the world and you can't help but PK a passerby. As long as you don't continue to grief them, then it's fine. If you are competing with someone over resource gathering, then that would not be griefing as you have a reasonable in game benefit.

Excessively trolling - trade chat all stars who just live in trade chat and mock people. Then you get a label of being a douche bag, and it's negative to the community as a whole - both The Cohort and the game itself.

If you are a strong group and you kill a weak group, mocking the players or bragging about it in trade chat is both griefing and trolling. On the other hand, if you are two strong guilds and you beat them in a rivalry, bragging about it might be a valid activity to promote your guild.

  1. Avoid drama. If you are concerned with something, have an honest conversation with the person(s) you are concerned with. If you are talking about someone with them present (gossiping) or are trying to manipulate an outcome, then you are causing drama.

Drama is conflict but conflict isn't necessarily drama. Drama is intentionally or unintentionally trying to instigate personal conflict; or organizational conflict that is designed to be against the purposes and direction of the Cohort. This is contrasted to organizational conflict, such as if you're both seeking the same position or you are advocating an organizational agenda.

  1. Recruitment from within. While we recognize that we want players to find their way into a guild home that fits that player's personality and playstyle, all members agree to not actively recruit out of our community.

Of course, members are free to transfer.